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New Online Portal allows you to view your account and make a payment using our new all in one real-time portal. Please see our new and improved payment options below. We encourage you to select one of our PREFERRED Payment Methods to ensure real-time reflection payments. However, please feel free to utilize the option that best fits your needs. 

Preferred methods:
Check or ACH through your online portal ($2.49 transaction charge) using your bank account and routing information, you can select the date of your choice to make your payment. 

ONE-TIME or RECURRING Payment Schedule -  through your online
portal. If you utilize this service, using your bank account and routing number, your are able to schedule an automatic payment to process on the date that you select. Once you set the schedule, your payment will automatically process based on the frequency selected.  

Credit Card (3.49% per transaction fee) Card payments will now be processed through your online portal. 
Debit Card ($9.99 flat fee per transaction) Card payments will now be processed through your online portal.

Additional Payment options
ACH - Processed through First Choice Property Management, Inc. A completed ACH Authorization Form and Voided Check will be required. 
If you utilize this service, your monthly payment will be processed between the 1st and 5th of each month. ***If you are CURRENTLY set up with ACH and have completed the Authorization form, NO ACTION will be required. First Choice will make the adjustments accordingly.***
We strongly encourage you to select one of the above payment options, as we are not responsible for the actions or delivery of the USPS. However, if you so choose to mail your payment, please allow 5-7 days for arrival.

BILL PAY Service - Processed through your banking facility 
If you are using online bill pay through your bank, please login to the service, delete your existing payment, and create a new payment with our new processing address:
[Community Name]
c/o First Choice Property Management Processing Center
P.O. Box 620723
Orlando, FL  32862-0723
Important: When creating the new record, ensure the payment is made payable to your Community Name and the memo portion includes the your Homeowner Account number.  Please enter this into your bill profile as a memo. Be reminded that each banking facility is different and the BillPay process DOES NOT mean an electronic funds transfer, depending on your banking facility. 

US Postal Service Payments
If you prefer to mail your payments through the USPS:
Payable to: Your Association Name- Verify that you notate the correct account ID number in the memo or account line of your payment to ensure your payment is applied correctly. This information can be found on the home page of your online portal.

Mail to:
c/o First Choice Property Management Inc.
PO Box 620723

Orlando, FL   32862-0723

****If you are paying for multiple properties, please send a separate coupon and check for each property.


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